Bespoke Floors and Walls

Exquisite porcelain stoneware for all applications manufactured to the highest standards.


Gray Stone

The Gray Stone collection 60x120 available in 3 colors: light gray, dark gray and beige 

Gray Stone - 1204

Bianco Statutario

The timeless elegance of Carrara marble quarried for over 2 millennia high in the Apuan Alps.

Bianco Statutario - 1201

Marble Effect
Marmaros - a timeless classic shiny stone of ancient Greece
63 Series
7 Colors
10 Sizes
2 Finishes
Stone Effect
The magical aggregate of minerals for the new century
65 Series
9 Sizes
7 Colors
3 Finishes
Wood Effect
The living textures can not be compared to any other material in existence....
6 Series
3 Colors
2 Sizes
2 Finishes
Concrete Effect
The unsurpassed surface for the centuries. Industrial look for the modern...
12 Series
7 Colors
3 Sizes
2 Finishes
Design Effect
Chic designs for the bold and adventurous.
49 Series
7 Colors
7 Sizes
4 Finishes
Ceramics Series
The collection of ceramics
86 Series